Local Gyms In My Area

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Many people who decide they want to pursue boxing as their form of fitness training have a hard time finding local boxing gyms. There are a few places that you can start looking for a “local gyms in my area“:

  1. Look in your local yellow pages for boxing gyms in your town. You can also use the internet search engines to find one near you.
  2. Call your local Police department (non-emergency number) and ask them if they have a Police Athletic League. They will teach the aspiring fighter the fundamentals of boxing.
  3. Check with your local health club and fitness centers. Some of these places will offer a boxing/kick boxing class that is perfect to use for a good fitness program. But is not recommended for those that are wanting to be competitive in boxing.

If you are interested in more than using boxing as a fitness program, and you are interested in competitive boxing, you want to make sure the gym has personal trainers that are experienced with amateur or professional fighters.  If you just want to use boxing to get into shape and have no intent to compete in the sport, you will want to stay away from the hardcore boxing gyms. Boxing is a colorful and exciting sport, but it does attract some unfavorable characters. You are better off looking into a health club or fitness center that offers classes in boxing that are designed for the work out and not the competitive aspect of the sport.

One of the biggest misconceptions that people have about boxing is that they are going to suffer a beating. The truth is that you will not be allowed in the boxing ring, or to spar as they call it, until you are completely qualified or ready to fight, and even then it is completely supervised. You are not left in the ring to fend for yourself against someone who is way more experienced than you.

Bigger cities will have at least one dedicated boxing gym, however more health clubs and fitness centers are offering boxing classes that are geared toward the fitness aspect of the sport and not the competitiveness. If all else fails and there is no boxing gym near you, you can find an experienced trainer. Don’t get frustrated and give up just because you cannot find a gym in your area, keep up the legwork until you find what you are looking for.

Boxing is a great way to get your body into excellent shape, and can give you the confidence you need to feel good about yourself. Through your boxing training you will learn some self-defense moves that can help protect you in case you are attacked or threatened. Some women will take up boxing if they are a victim of domestic violence or rape. This will help them feel safer when they are alone somewhere.

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