Ballys Gym

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Ballys Gym LocationsBally’s Gym is owned by Bally’s Total Fitness Holding Corp. Bally’s has locations available in 70 cities with over 375 locations to choose from. They also have fitness centers in Mexico, China, Korea, Canada, and the Caribbean. There are many locations to choose from, and there is certainly a fitness center in your area. Most locations are open 7 days a week with the exception of holidays. You can visit Bally’s website to search for a location nearest you.

Each center usually offers free weights, cardiovascular training, weight machines, and a variety of classes. You can hire a personal trainer for an additional expense, and can add any additional classes like Pilates and Yoga. There are ellipticals, stair climbers, stationary bikes, and treadmills to use for your cardiovascular training. If you are looking to strength training, there are many machines to work both your upper and lower body. Most Bally’s locations offer a stretching area to help you work on core training and flexibility.

You can find a Bally’s Gym membership to fit your budget. A basic plan starts at $9.99 biweekly but does not include any extras. This plan only allows you to visit one Bally Fitness center, free classes, and full use of the equipment, personal trainer assistance, and no long-term contract. For $14 every other week you can get access to any Bally’s Gym in your area, wide variety of free classes, access to personal trainer assistance available, and no-long term contract. Most Bally’s centers offer childcare during your stay at the gym, but this comes at an additional cost except for those with the highest membership package. All memberships require you to pay for the first two payments and the last two payments up front and a one time card fee of $29.

There are many reviews available for Bally’s gym. The biggest complaint that people have is the problems they have when it comes to canceling their membership. They have run into several problems, even after they have complied with all of the stipulations in their contract. Some others have reported several scams when it comes to the free 7-day pass they are offering. Plenty of other customers are satisfied with their experience with Bally’s.

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